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Each of the 4 provided questions should be answered individually (200-300 words per question answer). You should incorporate your ideas into well written paragraphs using complete sentences, a logical flow of information and in-text citations.

Reference citations should be provided at the end of the document formatted in the APA style.

Your Case study project should include the following:

Include your name, date and the case study title ("A", "B", "C", etc...) at the top of your paper.

Number the question answers 1-4 in your document. DO NOT provide the original questions.

DO NOT copy the original case study into your response.

Answer each of the 4 question sections in 200-300 words.

Use in text citationsfor fact-based information

Provide APA formatted full reference citationsat the end of the document.

Remember to use italics as needed for bacterial genus/species designations.


You must have a minimum of two outside sources to support your evaluation.
These can consist of any of the following: books, textbooks, scholarly journal articles, and websites run by reputable government organizations (such as the CDC or NIH).

You may have additional references as well. All of your references should be no more than six years old (published in 2005 or later).

A 16 year old boy named Jake was admitted into the emergency room complaining of headache, fever, stiffness of abdominal muscles and difficulty swallowing. The doctor on staff began asking Jake what he had been doing for the past few days. Jake told the doctor he had gone to school as usual, hung out with his friends at the mall and gone skateboarding in a closed down construction site. Jake mentioned that the only thing he ate this week that was different than his family (who are all feeling fine) was a bean burrito from the local Mexican restaurant. Jake also mentioned that he scratched his leg on some scrap metal a week ago while skateboarding, which he washed well and covered with a bandage.
The doctor sent a blood sample to the lab for analysis. The lab results came back showing the presence of gram-positive rods In Jake's blood.
Based on the information presented in the case study, answer the following questions in your paper (see guidelines for additional info):

1. What microorganism do you believe is to blame for this illness (be specific)? Provide background information on this organism, history, morphology, virulence factors, toxins, etc...

2. What information from the patient's symptoms contributed to your decision? Did this information allow you to rule out any other possible culprits? What information from the patient's history and/or lab samples that contributed to your decision? Support your answers with factual evidence and logical reasoning.

3. What is the epidemiology of this disease? Identify risk factors for this disease and describe the disease course/outcome in humans.

4. What steps can be taken to treat the illness? How and why are the treatments effective (or ineffective)? Are there any concerns or other complications of this disease?

Reference no: EM13924240


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