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Q1. If two 145.9 kg objects are suspended at lower ends of cables 50.00 m long and the cables are attached to the ceiling 1.000 m apart, what is the deflection of each object? (Use 1.000 m for the separation distance in the expression for the gravitational force and assume that the deflection is extremely small compared to 1 m.)

Q2. A duck has a mass of 2.6 kg. As the duck paddles, a force of 0.11 N acts on it in a direction due east. In addition, the current of the water exerts the force of 0.12 N in a direction of 44° south of east. When these forces begin to act, the velocity of the duck is 0.16 m/s in a direction due east. Find out the magnitude and direction (relative to due east) of the displacement that the duck undergoes in 3.00s while the forces are acting.

Reference no: EM1313619

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