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Assignment: Chapter 6: "Violence, Sex, and Politics: The Power of Mass Media"

DIRECTIONS: Develop a study guide similar to the chapter summaries that I have provided you this semester. Follow the same format.

Include the following:

1. Chapter Summary: 3 - 5 sentences. Clearly state the overall theme of Chapter 6.
2. Develop a minimum of 10 reading comprehension questions. Include answers. Include page numbers.
3. List and define a minimum of 5 terms/definitions/concepts that you feel are important. Include page numbers.
4. Find a youtube video or movie or documentary that relates to chapter 6.

Book: "The Myth of Individualism"

'The Myth of Individualism"


This section introduces the concept of sociological thinking. It is emphasized how individual identity is a social creation that is constantly sustained by social relationships both small and large. Most people do not hold this view which is evidence of the powerful cultural myth of individualism. Sociology can lead to intellectual enlightenment which can play an important role in solving public issues.

• A narrow view of personhood dominated thought in the early U.S.
• The Great Ape Project - organization committed to giving rights to chimpanzees and gorillas
• From a sociological point of view - one cannot define the individual without first considering the fundamental role of social relationships
• Most people view personhood from a psychological perspective where individual and society are seen as distinct entities.
• Myth of individualism contributes lo negative sociological consequences.
• Individualism once stood for freedom and equality but now linked to selfishness.
• Two novels "1984" and "Walden Two" show the mix of despair and hope following World War II
• Sociology examines the relationship between our personal lives and the social forces that structure society.
• Individuals are free to act on our choices but very powerful social forces also shape us.
• The promise of sociology is intellectual enlightenment

Discussion Questions

1. What does this book address?

2. Explain the myth of individualism.

3. What was behind the joy and relief at the end of World War II?

4. What were the two influential novels written in 1948? Briefly summarize and compare the two novels.

5. What is the defining concern of sociology?

6. Using the relationship between personal troubles and public issues, how could you explain unemployment, divorce rate, and crime?

Reference no: EM131033951


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