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A firm estimates sales of $150,000 in December, $175,000 in January; $125,000 in February, $200,000 in March, $250,000 in April; $180,000 in May; and $200,000 in June. November sales were $125,000. The firm typically collect 20% of its sales in cash; 50% are accounts receivable paid the month after the sale; and 30% are accounts receivable paid two months after the sale. The firm’s cost of goods sold (raw materials) amounts to 70% of its sales. The raw materials are ordered two months in advance of expected sales, but are paid for one month after they are ordered. The firm has fixed costs of $3,000 per month for rent and $12,000 per month for other fixed operating costs. The firm has $30,000 per month in salary expense. Assume a starting cash balance of $0 but a minimum cash balance of $10,000 going forward. Prepare the cash budget for January through April. What is the maximum amount of short-term loan the firm will need during the relevant time period?

Reference no: EM131521989


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