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Interest Group Consultant Simulation

In this activity you will be pretending to be a consultant for an interest group. You will be charged with helping that interest group better achieve its goals. Have fun and be creative in this activity!

Your paper should be at least 500 words long.

1. First, select an interest group from the following list that you will be consulting for (*you may only complete this assignment on one the listed interest groups):

a. Service Employees International Union

b. National Association of Realtors

c. US Chamber of Commerce

d. National Rifle Association

e. National Education Association

f. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees


h. National Association of Broadcasters

2. In the first sentence of your paper please state very clearly what interest group you have selected.

3. Next, describe in your own words, what your selected interest group mission is. Do not copy and paste or quote the organization's mission in your paper. Use your own words.

4. Next, take that mission statement and rewrite it in a new short one sentence "elevator pitch" that you think would be more effective. Feel free to get creative.

5. Look up your selected interest groups website. What is the web address? What do you like about their website? What do you think could be improved about their website?

6. Look up your selected interest group on social media. What is good about their social media presence? What could be improved about their social media presence?

7. Look up your selected interest group on Open Secrets or the Federal Elections Commission website and discuss your findings. How much money does your interest group have? What is that money being spent on? In your opinion, are they using their money effectively? How could they spend their money to better accomplish their goals?

8. Come up with at least one completely original idea that could be used to improve your selected interest groups efforts. Describe this idea in detail. What specific goal would this idea seek to accomplish? What types of resources would this idea need? How would this idea improve the organization's efforts to achieve its mission?

9. Finally, be sure to provide a reference list. Please note: APA formatting and citations rules apply to this and all essays in this course.

Reference no: EM132235541


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