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1. The three mucosa-covered projections into the nasal cavity that greatly increase surface area of mucosa exposed to air are called ________.

a. tonsils
b. adenoids
c. conchae
d. paranasal sinuses

2. The posterior portion of the palate that is not supported by bone is called the ________.

a. soft palate
b. paranasal sinus
c. epiglottis
d. hard palate

3. From superior to inferior, the three regions of the pharynx are the ________.

a. oropharynx, nasopharynx, laryngopharynx
b. nasopharynx, oropharynx, laryngopharynx
c laryngopharynx, oropharynx, nasopharynx
d. nasopharynx, laryngopharynx, oropharynx

4. The ________ tonsil, or adenoid, is located high in the nasopharynx region.

a. lingual
b. laryngeal
c. pharyngeal
d. palatine

5. The ________ routes air and food into their proper channels and plays a role in speech.

a. tongue
b. pharynx
c. nasal conchae
d. larynx

6. The mucosa-lined windpipe that extends from the larynx to the level of the fifth thoracic vertebra is called the ________.

a. trachea
b. oropharynx
c. main (primary) bronchus
d. nasopharynx

7. ________ lining the mucosa of the trachea beat continuously to propel contaminated mucus to the throat.

a. Microvilli
b. Coarse hairs
c. Cilia
d. Flagella

8. The process of physically and chemically breaking food particles down is referred to as ________.

a. digestion
b. defecation
c. ingestion
d. absorption

9. The ________ runs from the pharynx through the diaphragm to the stomach.

a. trachea
b. esophagus
c. larynx
d. small intestine

10. The innermost layer of the alimentary canal is referred to as the ________.

a. serosa
b. submucosa
c. mucosa
d. muscularis externa

11. The two intrinsic nerve plexuses serving the alimentary canal are the ________.

a. solar; sympathetic
b. submucosa; myenteric
c. autonomic; somatic
d. mucosa; submucosa

12. The ________ sphincter, or valve, controls food movement from the stomach into the small intestine.

a. ileocecal
b. cardioesophageal
c. pyloric
d. anal

13. Large wrinkle-like folds in the stomach lining, present when the stomach is empty, that allow for expansion when the stomach is filling are called ________.

a. villi
b. haustra
c. microvilli
d. rugae

14. The medial indentation where the ureter, blood vessels, and nerves are connected to the kidney is called the ________.

a. renal capsule
b. renal column
c. renal pyramid
d. renal hilum

15. There are three regions of the kidney; the outermost region is known as the ________.

a. renal medulla
b. renal cortex
c. renal pelvis
d. renal hilum

16. Renal (medullary) pyramids are separated by extensions of cortex-like tissue called the ________.

a. renal columns
b. renal pelvis
c. renal hilum
d. renal capsule

17. The blood vessel carrying blood from the aorta into the kidney is the ________.

a. hepatic artery
b. renal artery
c. renal vein
d. glomerulus

18. The functional unit of the kidney that filters blood and forms urine is the ________.

a. glomerulus
b. nephron
c. renal pyramid
d. renal pelvis

19. The blood vessel directly feeding the glomerulus with blood from the cortical radiate artery is the ________.

a. peritubular capillary
b. efferent arteriole
c. renal vein
d. afferent arteriole

20. The gonads produce sex cells, also known as ________,

a. zygotes
b. interstitial cells
c. gametes
d. spermatids

21. Sperm are formed in tightly coiled tubes called seminiferous tubules that are found within each ________.

a. spermatic cord
b. testis
c. ductus (vas) deferens
d. epididymis

22. The glands that produce a thick, yellowish secretion which nourishes and activates sperm are the ________.

a. bulbo-urethral glands
b. prostate
c. seminal glands (vesicles)
d. ejaculatory duct

23. The ________ gland surrounds the upper portion of the urethra just below the junction with the urinary bladder.

a. ejaculatory
b. seminal
c. bulbo-urethral
d. prostate

24. The enlarged tip of the penis is called the ________.

a. glans penis
b. shaft
c. scrotum
d. prepuce (foreskin)

25. The male external genitalia include the ________ and the ________.

a. testes; ductus (vas) deferens
b. spermatic cord; glans penis
c. penis; scrotum
d. seminal glands (vesicles); ejaculatory duct

Reference no: EM131041192

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