What is electric field strength at the center of leff ring

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Q. Two 10-cm-diameter charged rings face each other, 17.0 cm apart. Both rings are charged to + 30.0 nC . What is the electric field strength at the center of the left ring?

Q. A bag of cement of weight 375 N hangs from three wires as suggested in Figure P5.18. Two of the wires make angles θ1 = 55.0° and θ2 = 25.0° with the horizontal. If the system is in equilibrium, find the tensions in the wires.

Reference no: EM1350674


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A charge of -4 nC is at the origin and a second charge of 14 nC is at x = 3.00 m. Find out the magnitude and direction of the electric field halfway in between two charges.

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