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What is a socially responsible effort? Social responsibility comes from the belief that people, governments, and organizations have a responsibility to the greater welfare of society. What each person determines to be socially responsible, however, is subject to personal ideals and beliefs. Examples of socially responsible efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Recycling and using CFL lightbulbs (individual or organizational)
  • Donating time to volunteer organizations
  • Monetary donations
  • Developing green buildings

Createa general profile of a community on an individual basis. The profile should be 350 to 700 words in length.The team may select a community with which they are familiar or use the City of Kelsey Virtual Organization accessible from the student website. In the profile, describe the following:

  • How would you describe the responsibilities of the individuals to the community?
  • What are the community's responsibilities to the individuals?
  • As a member of this community, what do you think it means to be socially responsible?

Reference no: EM13468137


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