What has been the lending strategy followed by santander

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Assignment Questions:

Please describe and evaluate the Country/Political Risk faced by this organization and describe its successes and failures.

What has been the lending strategy followed by Santander? Are lending decisions based on the credit background of the borrower, or on the riskiness of the venture? How do they manage risk? How do they finance their loans? Why is there so little cross-border borrowing?

How is the lending strategy different to US commercial banks?

As a consultant to the CEO, what would you suggest Magda Salarich do now? Please obtain, identify and evaluate the data and conduct a multi-perspective analysis of the evidence to make a logical recommendation for solving the problem with a global perspective.
Defend your recommendation and communicate your beliefs clearly and accurately.

Case Study Resources:

· Usually business writing incorporates APA format. Case length is not an important consideration in my grading strategy.

· The questions posed are meant to guide you in developing an analytical framework that you must present in a case report. Usually you can incorporate your responses in sections C and D described below. I cannot prescribe a single outline or template, but I can identify "building blocks" that are essential to building a logical structure that will stand up to critical scrutiny, and serve as a useful guide to presenting the results of your in depth case analysis. Essential building blocks and structure are as follows:
Executive Summary

Section A. Introduction and Overview of the Situation

Section B. Assumptions and Methods

Section C. Business Impacts

Section D. Descriptions of Sensitivity, Risks, Successes, Failures, Contingencies and Strategies

Section E. Conclusions and Recommendations

· This is a good resource but parts may not be relevant (this is not a group report)https://college.cengage.com/business/resources/casestudies/students/writing.htm

Case Study Resources Attached Below:

Appendix A: Suggested Questions (attached below is the Santander case you must read in order to answer these questions)

Appendix B: Shows how you are getting the tools of Global Learning for Global Citizenship by answering the above questions and their weighting in the project.




Reference no: EM131032934


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