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Q1. In a car lift, the output plunger has a radius of 9cm. the weight of the plunger and the car is 21600N. What is the gauge pressure of the hydraulic oil used in the operating lift?

Q2. Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by Venus on a 90 kg human standing on the surface of Venus.

Q3. A uniform spherical shell of mass 8.60 kg with diameter 54.0 cm has four small masses of mass 2.20 kg attached to its outer surface and equally spaced around it. This combination is spinning about an axis running throughout the center of the sphere and two of small masses.

What friction torque is essential to decrease its angular speed from 70.0 rpm to 60.0 rpm in a time interval of 27.0 s?

Reference no: EM139204


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