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Description of the Assignment

Information interviewing is a great opportunity for you to interview someone in a career in which you are interested. An information interview accomplishes many goals. You:

• gather information about a particular career, an industry, and the realities of full-time employment.

• create a contact to begin networking with someone in a field in which you are interested.

• obtain helpful advice from an experienced professional, who could help you in the future.

Assignment Requirements

1. Identify an organization and person with whom you would like to speak regarding a career of personal interest.Family members or faculty (unless you intend to become a college professor) should not be interviewed for this assignment. See Amy for questions about this requirement.

2. Conduct an informational interview, preferably at the interviewee's place of employment.

3. Complete allcomponents of the assignment noted in items 1 through 3 in the header of this document.

a. Interviewee-critiqued Resume with Business CardImage No other components will be assessed if this is not submitted. It validates that the interview occurred. Take a picture and place it into a Word document.

b. Information Interview Reflection and QuestionsThis is a thoughtful, double-spaced, grammatically and mechanically correct reflection on the interview experience and any revelations you have as a result of your research. (Please note that typing the interviewee's responses to your questions is not acceptable. You need to reflect on the experience, not reiterate what your interviewee stated.)

c. Information Interview Thank-you Content Image This will be a scanned image or a picture of your hand-written thank you card content to the person who interviewed you. Take a picture and place it into a Word Document. Elements of a well-constructed thank-you and the rubric can be found on page 4.

4. Submit all components in their respective drop boxes in Blackboard by Sunday, 4/24/16 by 11:59 p.m.

5. Ensure that you see the submission message at the top of the screen when you submit. Take a screen shot and save it as evidence if you are concerned about verifying your submission. An assignment that you believe was submitted but is not in the Grade Center is not eligible for points.

As your assignment is read, it will be graded. You may view your points in the Grade Center. Comments for your assignment may be found when the assignment has been graded.

ASSIGNMENT FORMAT-follow the directions precisely

1. Critiqued Resume and Employer Business Card Image

Ask the employer to critique your resume. Then, take a picture or scan a pdf of it with the employer's business card positioned in the upper right had corner of the resume. This "proof" must be submitted as part of the assignment components. Otherwise, the reflection and thank-you will not be scored. See page 6 for a sample.

Submit this component of the assignment into the appropriate area in the Blackboard Assignment Drop Box by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, 4/24/16.

2. Information Interview Reflection and Questions

(Download this portion of the document and insert your responses following the questions. You are to follow the below formatexactly. Remember, this is to be Microsoft Word double spaced, grammatically and mechanically correct reflection.)

Part 1-Reflection-28points Compose thoughtful responses to the following questions/statements. This is not a summary of your interview, rather a reflection on the impact of the interview on your career decision making process.

1. Interviewee Name, Position Title, Name of Company/Organization

Insert the name, position title and company/organization your interviewee represents.

2. Describe whether you believe your values, interests, personal qualities and skills would be consistent with the career you chose to explore in your information interview. Use examples from your interview to support your answer.

This response should address each of the four components of self-assessment we have discussed in class (values, interests, personal qualities and skills or VIPS). A response that simply notes, "Yes, I believe this career is consistent with my VIPS," is not acceptable. Provide detail as to why this career may or may not be consistent with your VIPS by composing meaningful text for each of the four self-assessment areas that addresses. See the example on page 7for guidance.

Personal Qualities

3. Express how will this experience impact your tentative career choice?

Describe how this information interview will impact the way your explore careers from this point on. Some of the following questions may help to guide your response: Will you conduct more information interviews? Will you begin to explore other careers if the interview revealed that, perhaps, your interests lie in other areas? Will you consider gaining experience so you can "try the career on?"

4. If you were to conduct another information interview, what type of position would you choose and why?

Identify what kind of professional you would like to interview next. Will it be the same type of position or different? What's your rationale for your decision?

5.What feedback did the employer have on your resume?

Explain in your own words the advice or feedback the interviewee had on your resume. Indicate steps you will take to improve it.

6. Other thoughts?

Offer any other information you believe noteworthy.

Part 2-Information Interview Questions- A link for sample questions can be found on page 5. (Do not include their responses).

1. -
2. -
3. -
4. -
5. -
6. -
7. -
8. -
9. -
10. -

Ten points are available for appropriate spelling, grammar, and mechanics.

Submit this component of the assignment into the appropriate area in the Blackboard Assignment Drop Box by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, 4/24/16.

3. Information Interview Image of Thank-you Card Content
It is critical that you demonstrate your gratitude for the career development assistance the new network contact has given you as soon as possible after the interview. Thus, you should send thank-you correspondence, preferably within 24 hours, to the person's work location. While email is more immediate, and may be used in other situations, for this assignment, the medium will be a hard copy, handwritten thank-you card. In recent conversations with employers who recruit College of Business and Innovation students, an overwhelming number emphasized the value you they place on handwritten notes. Thus, BUAD 2000 students will practice this seemingly forgotten art for their Information Interview assignment.

Although the medium may be different than what students are accustomed to, electronic communication, the content will remain the same. Your thank-you should include the following elements, each worth 2 points, with the exception of the item 3, which is worth 7. The message should be broken into three paragraphs with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

1. Thanks for meeting on the date, time and location 2

2. Reason for the meeting 2

3. Particular items of interest or areas that were appealing to you (this information is unique to your interview). Customize this and make it meaningful by identifying something that was particularly beneficial to you. 7

4. Any follow up information 2

5. Re-statement of your gratitude 2

Tendiscretionary points are considered for grammar, mechanics, spelling, tone, originality, and penmanship.

Scan or take a picture of the thank-you and paste it into a Word document, and submit it in the Blackboard Assignment Drop Box by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, 4/24/16.

NOTE: if you submit a thank-you that has been word-processed, written on notebook paper, or sent through email, you will receive a 0 for this portion of the assignment.
Helpful Tips for Scheduling and Completing the Information Interview

Tips for Scheduling Your Informational Interview

1. Contact the employer by phone or email. If someone has referred you to this person, ask him/her for the best method of contacting the individual.

2. Prepare a script or some key words to help you through the request process. In essence, you are asking someone to give of their very valuable time to meet with you solely for your benefit, so be prepared and polished.

• Address the Interviewee
• Introduce yourself
• Identify the reason for your call
• Ask if the individual if you may take 30 minutes of his/her time to find out more about his/her career path
• Inquire as to appropriate times to meet
• Thank the individual for the opportunity to meet
• Secure any necessary contact or travel/parking directions

Here's an example:

Hello Ms. Smith. My name is ________________ __________________ and I am a student in the College of Business and Innovation at The University of Toledo. My Career Development Lecturer has asked my classmates and I to complete an informational interview with someone in a position similar to one we wish to pursue. Currently, I'm interested in becoming a __________________. Would you be willing to spend 30 minutes with me to share your career path and offer any advice that you might have?

3. Follow up with a confirmation email message

4. Prepare for your information interview by asking yourself, "What is it I want to know about this occupation to determine if it is a good choice for me?" (Use the Information Interview Questions in the next section). Be sure to take your questions with you as a framework for conducting the interview and taking notes. Show you are prepared by reviewing the questions you ask and adding any other questions of interest.

5. The information interview should be conducted where the person works, so you see the work environment for yourself.

6. Dress properly for the information interview. Do not wear jeans, sweats, or sneakers. It is important to be well groomed and have a neat appearance. You will make a good impression in the interviews if you listen carefully, practice good eye contact, sit attentively, do not chew gum, use proper English, and are professional.

7. Be on time or slightly early for the interviews.

8. Know the names (including pronunciation) and titles of the person(s) you are to interview. Know some things about the organization. Greet everyone with a smile and firm handshake.

9. Thank each person interviewed for the time they spent with you with a hand-shake and a smile.

Information Interview Questions

You are required to ask your information interviewee 10 questions. These questions will be listed in Part 2 of your Information Interview Reflection and Questions submission. Check out the Informational Interviewing Tutorial at QuintCareers.com where you may select your questions.

Suggestion: If your interview has progressed nicely and you are comfortable, a nice final question to ask your interviewee is, "Would you be willing to offer the names/contact information of three to five other colleagues who might be willing to participate in another information interview with me?" This will provide different perspectives and build your network!

Reference no: EM131034903

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