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To support communications and collaboration, organizations make use of the IT architecture, which is defined by looking at different components. To afford communications, it is required that an IT infrastructure of people, hardware, software, and networks be in place. While there is a global culture of communications and collaboration, different countries have preferences how they attain communications and group cooperation. Similarly, groupware technology is more preferred in high performing companies than low performing ones.

Components of IT A

IT Architecture Components

Type of Architecture


Business architecture

The processes the business uses to meet its goals.

Application architecture

How specific applications are designed and how they interact with each other.

Data architecture

How an enterprise's data stores are organized and accessed.

Technical architecture

The hardware and software infrastructure that supports applications and their interactions.

Case Assignment

For Case, you will analyze the traffic gridlock case. Taking communication and collaboration into the next 20 years, Ford Motors has a vision to develop cars that rely on a network of communication systems. In the long term, Ford sees a radically different transportation landscape where pedestrians, bicycles, private cars, commercial and public transportation traffic will be woven into a single mobile network to save time, conserve resources, lower CO2 emissions, and improve safety.

Turban, E. (2013). Avoiding the future of crippling car congestion. (2015). Information Technology for Managers. Retrieved from https://babinkunjappa.blogspot.com/2015/07/avoiding-future-of-crippling-car.html

Ford, B. (2011). A future beyond traffic gridlock. TED [video file]. Retrieved from https://www.ted.com/talks/bill_ford_a_future_beyond_traffic_gridlock?language=en

Waze. (2015). Guided Tour. Retrieved from https://www.waze.com/

Be sure to articulate your arguments and provide justification as you answer the following questions:

Explain the concept of connected cars.

Why does Bill Ford see a need for connected cars?

What does Ford mean by "global gridlock"?

Brainstorm a few other ways in which an IT network could help to reduce global gridlock. Do not limit yourself to current mobile network capabilities.

If no action is taken far in advance of the forecasted car congestion, what do you foresee will happen?

Reference no: EM13921959


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