What does being retired mean and why do people retire

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"Marcus is a 77-year-old retired construction worker who labored all of his life. He managed to save a little money, but he and his wife live primarily off on his monthly Social Security checks. Though not rich, they have enough to pay the bills. Marcus is largely happy with retirement, and he stays in touch with his friends. He thinks maybe he's a little strange, though, since he has heard that retirees are supposed to be isolated and lonely." 

What does being retired mean? Why do people retire? What sort of adjustments do retirees need to make?

"We have a paradoxical relationship with death. Sometimes we are fascinated by it. As tourists, we visit places where famous people died or are buried. We watch as television newscast show people who have been killed in war; But when it comes to pondering our own death or that of people close to us, we have many problems." 
What comes to mind when you hear the word death? Explain.
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Reference no: EM13179930

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