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Question 1

Given the different perspectives on change by those who like it and those who dread it, discuss how you would develop readiness for change in a group that mixes both types of people.

Question 2

In health care, change agents are faced with the challenge of engaging both employed staff and physicians in change initiatives. Frequently they have different perspectives and different agendas. Discuss your thoughts on how this can be managed so that everyone can feel that they are heard and that some common ground can be achieved.

Question 3

Your hospital has been placed on alert for receiving patients from a local explosion at a large factory. Reports from the scene are spotty in terms of numbers killed or injured, and you do not know how many patients you may be getting. News reports are calling for casualties in the 100s, but local fire responders are sending in conflicting reports. You need to know what your ED will be receiving, so you can determine whether to close surgery to elective cases and to go on ED bypass for regular patients. Rumors are swirling inside the hospital and the chain of command about how severe the incident is and what it will do to your ability to function. What thoughts do you have about how to learn what you need to know in order to structure the hospital's preparations and continue regular functioning at the same time? What resources can you tap in order to learn more accurately about the situation at the scene and what you can expect to come to your ED? How would you manage this situation to cause the minimum disruption to regular hospital functioning?

Question 4

When faced initially with a disaster situation in a health care setting, what do you think your first five steps need to be? Why?

Question 5

What are the major positives that you see in the PPACA legislation? What are the major negatives that you see in the PPACA legislation? Provide rationale for your answer.

Question 6

What are your thoughts about the emerging accountable care organizations? In what ways do you think they will affect the current health care delivery system? How do you think the practice patterns of primary care physicians will change under the new models of health care? What are the biggest problems that this could bring to primary care practices?

Reference no: EM131074222


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