What do you meant by the internet

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1. What do you meant by the Internet?
2. What is the World Wide Web?
3. What is the relationship between the Internet and World Wide Web?
4. What are three purported differences between the World Wide Web as it first emerged, and the more current Web 2.0?
5. What is RSS and why is it important to Web 2.0?


Select one Web 2.0 platform discussed during module two and analyse the extent to which this platform has changed the way people communicate and collaborate.

The Web 2.0 platforms specially discussed in module two are Delicious, blogs, wikis (in general), The Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. However, if you have discussed other Web 2.0 platforms during the unit in tutorials or on the discussion board, you may select this platform if it is approved by your tutor at least one week before the essay is due.

This essay asks you to analyse one of the Web 2.0 platforms that you've been examining in the unit, looking in particular at how that particular platform has changed the way in which users/participants both communicate and collaborate. Given the context in which you're examining these technologies, it is a good idea to think about how Web 2.0 in general is thought to indicate a general shift in the character of online interactions and use these changes to help think about your chosen platform. You will be expected to use some of the readings/viewings provided in the unit, but you will also need to seek out appropriate secondary material. When selecting useful secondary material, please ensure you select credible sources which appropriate for the platform you are addressing and the broader academic context in which you are examining that platform.

Referencing style: APA Format

Reference no: EM135397


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