What are the main hazards associated with cranes

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(a) List the main objectives of a permit to work system?

(b) What are the main shortcomings that cause a permit to work system to fail?

(c) R & J company is a textile company situated in an industrial zone. The company operates a fuel dispensing facility to supply fuel for its company vehicles. A leakage has been detected in a fuel storage tank which is situated above ground and containing gasolene. A preliminary inspection by the maintenance Division has indicated that hot work in the storage tank is required since the damage is more than 50 mm wide. As a safety officer for R & J company you are required to come up with a safe work procedure for undertaking such work.

Describe the main elements to be considered in the procedure


(a) What are the main hazards associated with cranes?

(b) Outline the main legal provisions as per OSHA 2005 concerning the use of cranes

(c) Describe the main consideration for the safe operation of Maintenance Elevated Working Platforms (MEWP).


(a) List the main circumstances as per OSHA 2005 where authorization to use a steam boiler stops to be in force.

(b) Describe the main legal provision as per OSHA, with regards to the attachment and construction of steam boilers

(c) Describe the main considerations for the safe use of a compressor which also includes an air receiver.


(a) Discuss on the main advantages and constraints of implementing a Health and & Safety Management System in a company.

(b) Describe the main steps for implementing the ‘Planning stage' of the OSHAS 18001

Reference no: EM132462


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