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Search using individual internet research and complete an essay (in at least 400 words), that investigates a cultural group in healthcare administration. Describe what the industry group is like in your own words with support from any outside source information you have found. Be sure to cite and reference in APA format any outside sources you have used.

The guide below will assist you in structuring your paper:

For this Assignment, you must focus on an industry (profession) culture. For example, lawyer, teacher, police officer, paralegal, psychologist, nurse, administrator, etc.

Below is a clarification of the areas you should focus on for researching your industry (profession) culture for the Unit 7 Assignment.

• Language and Behaviors

• Language would focus on these elements in terms of an industry culture. For example, is there a special vocabulary or terminology used for the profession?

• Behaviors - For example, what type of demeanor is expected? Are there body language expectations?

• Attitudes and Beliefs

• What are the main ethics rules of the profession?

• What beliefs does the profession focus on as a whole?

• Values and Interest

• What are the core values of the profession?

• How does this support the attitudes and beliefs of the profession?

• Education and Trainings

• What types of trainings or certifications are needed to continue in the profession?

• Are you required to have a specific level of college degree?

• Do you need to renew a license or certification every several years?

• Tools and Equipment used

• What types of tools and/or equipment are required for the job?

• Do you need training to use these?

• Interactions with others

• What other groups will you interact with in the workplace? How will you need to interact with others in the workplace?

Reference no: EM131523229


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