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Many bridge designs today contain simple geometrical components but are constructed into complex ways to ensure that relevant base and safety loads are catered for. Bridges are multi- material solutions to withstand the static and dynamic loads that are exerted onto them.

This assignment consists of the following sections - all which must be addressed in your final report:

1. Design a bridge that will withstand 4 fully loaded semi-trailers (eg 2 going in each direction) at the central point, being aware of both static and dynamic loads, the span of the bridge will be 200 meters in length; width is whatever you determine it must be as suitable but limit yourself to two lanes.

2. Use a minimum of 2 materials and a maximum of 5 materials in your design, it can be any currently available material you choose, but you need to justify your selections.

3. Do not need to consider the connection of the bridge to ground, just assume a rigid stable connection.

4. In your report you need to include loading diagrams, stress analysis of at least 4 different sections of geometry using content developed through this subject plus other resources. 2 analysed sections must be where 2 materials are joining. As well as any engineering drawings that will be required to fully explain the joint.

5. This is a hand calculation based assignment thus no FEA will be accepted.

6. Keep geometry sections to simple, commercially available shapes.

Reference no: EM131330

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