Was it inevitable or a choice that nations made

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In a post of 200 words (a minimal guideline) answer the following. Be sure to comment ion a classmate's post (minimum 125 word guideline)

Go to Section 4: Weeks 1 and 2 Textbook Reading from this week's Webtext and read the chapter titled "Early Globalization:

The Atlantic World, 1492-1650," then compare and contrast Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal and Christopher Columbus (Do NOT INCLUDE BIOS!).

How did each approach finding a route to the Far East differently?

How did early exploration end up creating the Atlantic slave Trade?

Was it inevitable or a choice that nation's made?

Next, using the Webtext, suggest three (3) reasons explorers in general voyaged to America.

There are five specific questions in the above discussion please answer them specifically can you answer those questions.

Reference no: EM132049609

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