Violence goodness and justice in american culture

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Given the document is: "considering hate: violence, goodness and justice in american culture and politics".

Write in 1000 words, write an informal response.

By informal I mean that it does not need to have a thesis or organized structure. Some people call this type of writing automatic or free writing. It's more about thinking and getting your ideas down than it is creating polished copy.

1) Write about the quote at the start of the chapter. What does the quote mean to you? Why do you think the authors chose this quote to start the chapter with? How does it connect to the chapter?

2) Discuss and explain what the authors mean by "American imagination" and "disruptive intelligence." How do these ideas connect? Why are these concepts important for making positive social change happen?

Write a paragragraph of the what the quote mean.

Answer the given Question:

why are the "american imagination" and "disruptive intelligence" concepts presented at the end of the chapter?

so just a light two paragraphs.

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Reference no: EM131170923


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