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Hypothesis testing for difference between variances, population means and paired.

Five samples of a ferrous-type substance are to be used to determine if there is a difference between a laboratory chemical analyses and X-ray fluorescent analysis of the iron content. Each sample was split into two subsamples and the two types were applied. Following are the coded data showing the iron content analysis.








X-ray (B)






Chemical (A)






Assuming the measurement system has a normal distribution, test thetwo-sided test of hypothesis for
a) H0: σA2 = σB2 at α =0.05,

b) H0: μB A= 28% at α =0.1

c) Suppose it is desired to test the hypothesis that the differences rather than the individual measurement are of importance, (that is D=B-A, that is: μD = μB A), then let:

H0: μD=10%, 
H1: μD < 10%

Test the hypothesis. Will you reject or not reject the null hypothesis at α = 0.05

Reference no: EM1315469

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