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You are to read the report "The case for global accounting standards" by Professor Ann Tarca (UWA) and analyse what the key points are of the report. Then prepare a report either supporting or challenging the position of the author.

The report must include clear evidence that you have conducted research to support your position and it must be analytically sound and detailed.

There is not a limit on referenced material BUT all sourced references must be clearly identified (within the body of your report and a list of references at the rear of your paper) and must be accompanied with your own comments and views. The references should be considered in the context of supporting your views.

Sources that you will find useful include;


  • AASB (website of Australian Accounting Standards Board)
  • IASB (website of International Accounting Standards Board)
  • FASB (website of US-based Financial Accounting Standards Board
  • ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia)
  • CPAA (Certified Practising Accountants Australia)

It is also recommended that you utilise Proquest and Google Scholar.

Reference no: EM13498667

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