Using motivation to improve performance

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Using Motivation to Improve Performance

1. Synthesize the concept of motivation, and examine the substantial reasons why motivation is difficult to understand.

2. Evaluate the potential effectiveness of the model positioning of motivation, and propose at least one (1) action that the organization can take in order to apply the concept.

3. Detail the feedback control loop, and suggest one (1) way that the organization can use the feedback control loop to determine whether management's actions are motivating or demotivating.

4. Assess the manner in which leaders can influence employee motivation through goal setting, impression management, and encouragement.

5. Devise a plan to redesign a job of your choice within the organization, outlining the steps that the organization would need to take to

redesign the job to encourage and develop motivation for employees.

6. Select one (1) theory of motivation from pages 185 to 206 in the textbook. Outline a plan to integrate the selected theory into the organization.

7. Recommend the key to success in implementing your plan of action to increase motivation within your chosen organization.

8. Use at least three (3) quality academic references in this assignment. You may include the resource(s) provided in the assignment.

Reference no: EM13815730


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