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A local hospital has to manage loads of data and information about their patients but they have not enough analysis tools when searching for patterns in the data. They use statistical functions but they have problems when it comes to large data.

Example: if they want to know why insane patients stopped their continued treatment (what characteristics made them) or the associations between different characteristics of other patients that lead them to any actions. We need a program written in Java with a friendly to the user interface. The software MUST use DATA MINING TECHNIQUES (at least one like classification or association rule mining etc). The work involves analysing loads of the Hospitals data to search for the desired patterns.

Program should be written in JAVA (ECLIPSE software).

The programming code should be very well commented(in order to make someone understand what has been done)


And SHOULD run successfully with a local database on SQL (a demo database with any random patients).

An example of the program: Will have a button which will allow u to add new patient (name, condition, treatment etc). Will have an option to allow to see all the patients registered on the system (with the ability to make any changes or delete them), the database of the system should be on SQL and implemented on the program. And the possibility to search for the desired patterns (as described on the description above).

The main objective is DATA MINING

Reference no: EM13328571

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