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Present a REFLECTIVE ESSAY that accounts for and evaluates.

• the evolution of your controlling purpose, through successive revisions, in relation to the project's audience(s), stakeholders, and your own interests

• your composing and design strategies, developed through successive revisions, given your rhetorical situation

• how and why sources were chosen and how you used them in the project

• your inquiry-based project in relation to your understanding of academic research and writing

Write a complete essay draft that considers what the above goals are asking of you. We've already used class time to discuss what these goals are asking us to do and we've also spent some class time drafting responses to specific goals.

For example, we worked with goal 5.1 (controlling purpose) on 10/21; goal 5.3 (source choice) on 10/23 and with goal 5.4 (understanding of academic research and writing) on 10/30.

You can combine all these mini reflections into one essay, expand on and revise them and add to your paper considering revisions you have made as your project has evolved and is still evolving (goal 5.2).?

You will need to provide specific examples from your experiences thus far in relation to the ideas outlined in the reflective essay goals. These examples should include direct quotations from sources and from your own research writing whenever necessary.

Just as you do in your research essay, in your reflective you should be interpreting for your audience how the examples you provide are addressing the reflective goals.

Reference no: EM13265966

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