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Consider the following scenario. You have been asked to extend WERS so that two emergency response plans can be generated for spills that are reported simultaneously.

To handle this, you will need to develop code that generates two response plans concurrently using the WERS Planner. The response plan processes must be created as threads, and they must run simultaneously. You may create threads as either subclasses of the Thread class or as classes that implement and use the Runnable interface. Whichever way you decide to implement them you must make sure that they are running simultaneously.

Your processes should provide enough output to standard error (stderr) to clearly show when each thread starts and finishes, what its Project ID is, and what planner it is using. You may wish to include additional information from each thread as it runs.

At the minimum, make sure that your system sends the following information to stderr :

  • What threads are running
  • When each thread starts and ends
  • What planner object each thread accesses

Once you have completed your updates, confirm the system runs as required.

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For them to run at the same time, each of these two assignments will run in an isolated string. To characterize a execute job simultaneously we will wrap each of these Runnables around an object. Runnable. A Runnable question characterizes an real assignment that is to be executed.

Reference no: EM131524454

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Submit the following: The source code for any new or updated classes with appropriate comments (Make sure to include the following comment above your updates: "// CHANGED for THREAD IMPLEMENTATION".) A brief description of how you applied the threads (as either a subclass of thread, or as separate runnable processes) and a justification for how you applied them Screenshots of the updated system running, with the relevant output to stderr A single, updated UML sequence diagram that shows how your thread process interacts with the WERS Planner

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