This simulation can be downloaded from granthams website

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This simulation can be downloaded from Grantham's Website under "PH220.Simulations"; its file name is "Ball on Roller CSTR #4.ip". In this simulation, an object traverses the "hills and valleys" of a frictionless roller coaster in the realm of zero air resistance. You will be asked to find measurements and make calculations concerning total mechanical energy and whether it is conserved. Then you will then make some changes to the global air resistance for this simulation and answer the same questions as you did previously. Fill in the data tables, and answers for the blanks in the Lab Answer Sheet at the end of this lab. Send in this Lab Answer Sheet in the appropriate drop box at the end of each week. These can be sent via USPS (postal), or scanned and sent as .pdf or picture files or by any other method of your choice as long as the answer Sheets are legible and translatable by Grantham University.

  • Run the simulation and complete the data tables and fill in the blanks on the Lab 4 Answer Sheet.
  • Data Tables & Short Answers:
  • Fill in the charts below:
  • Ball Position PE KE TE or E


Reference no: EM13459990

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