The law of conservation of mass

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Write an essay on one of the following topics. Your essay should be referenced both using in-text references and include a bibliography at the end.  The maximum word limit is strictly 1000 words, excluding bibliography.

Over the last 200 hundred years there have been many landmark developments in Physical Chemistry. Choose ONE of the following landmarks to write about. Give a brief biography of ONE scientist who contributed to the development and describe the chemistry of the development. You should explain how the development impacted on further developments in the later years.

Select ONE of the following Landmark developments.

1. The Law of Conservation of Mass (Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier)


2. John Dalton's Atomic Theory


3. Discovery of Electrons (J. J. Thomson)


4. Structure of the nucleus and a 'new' model of atom (Ernest Rutherford & Sir James Chadwick)


5. Energy Levels of Electrons (Niels Bohr)

Reference no: EM13774367


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