The growth of the christian church in america today

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Q1. A liquid food at a flow rate of 0.3 kg/s enters a counter current flow double-pipe heat exchanger at 22C. In the annular section, hot water at 80C enters at a flow rate of 1.2 kg/s. The average specific heat of water is 4.18 kJ/ (Kg C). The average overall heat transfer coefficient based on the inside area is 500 W/ (m2 C). The diameter of the inner pipe is 7 cm, and length is 10 cm. Assume steady state conditions. The specific heat of liquid food is assumed to be 4.1kJ/(kg C). Calculate the exit temperature of liquid food and water.

Q2. If you were only to select one, which of the six (6) contemporary trends found in Christianity today listed by Fisher do you believe has the greatest potential for impacting the growth of the Christian Church in America today?

Reference no: EM137534

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