The effects of the spin of the earth

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Two identical clocks, A and B, are at first synchronized at the bottom inside a vacuum chamber xed on the ground. Clock B is after that kicked upward, and rise and fall under gravity only inside the chamber. Its greatest height is 1 meter (relative to clock A). Clock A stays at rest relative to the ground. At what time clock B comes back to the position of clock A, which clock's reading is larger? By how many femto seconds? What if clock B reached a maximum height of 100 meters instead (still inside the chamber)? The gravitational acceleration is 9:8m=s2. Ignore effects of the spin of the earth.


Helicopter is ascending vertically with a speed of 5.35. At a height of 116 above Earth, a package is dropped from a window. How much time does it take for the package to reach the ground?

Reference no: EM134604


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