The culminating activity for this class is to write and

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Assignment Instructions:

The culminating activity for this class is to write, and submit, a research paper. You will be working on this paper all through this course building research skills and content one step at a time. To get started, please review the following list of topics and pick one you might like to use as the topic of your final paper. If there isn't anything on this list that interests you, please suggest an alternative and specify why this topic interests you enough to devote the class working on. Please keep in mind that any topic you choose must be approved by the instruct or and must deal with learning in some form or fashion.

Remember that the body of your paper, not including Title and Reference page, is 3-5 pages double-spaced following the properly formatted APA style; you will need to make sure that the topic you choose will have enough information for you to be able to fulfill this requirement.

Enter your choice in the text box below.

Possible topics:

  • Study skills: Strategies for taking notes and for learning content;
  • Study skills: Reading with comprehension;
  • Study skills: Managing time as an adult learner;
  • Study skills: Preparing for, and taking, tests;
  • Learning styles - the Theory of Multiple Intelligences;
  • The left brain vs. the right brain: How does this impact learning;
  • Adult learning theory: Andragogy;
  • Strategies for effective college level writing;
  • Ethics and the college student;
  • The mind-body connection and how this impacts how we learn;
  • Engaging the adult learner;
  • How the environment plays a role in learning;
  • Online learning and the adult learner;
  • Using technology to increase academic success;
  • Netiquette in the online classroom;
  • Avoiding plagiarism in college writing;
  • Creating student engagement in online learning environments;
  • ADA accessibility and online classrooms; OR
  • Any topic of personal interest approved by the instructor.

Please note: this topic mustbe approved by the instructor.

Reference no: EM13480519


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