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Read the assignment and psych history of Jay W. very closely before you begin writing. This assignment is interesting and a bit different than just writing a research paper. Using the Assessment Template provided and information gleaned from reading Jay W.'s history, you will thoroughly assess Jay W.'s clinical needs.

The assessment will need to address the spiritual, genetic, and psychosocial aspects of Jay's behavior; ascertain if Jay is in use, abuse, or addictive cycle; and if there are any co-occurring issues. Think through your readings from the text and the definitions of use/abuse/addiction and treatment needs associated with the level of use. Read Jay's history several times, paying close attention to the information that has clinical significance such as what is he using, how often, how long has he used, longest periods of time without use, consequences of use, and so on. Also pay close attention to the family history provided and what is reported about the family. Are there genetic indications and environmental influences? How might his spiritual condition affect his recovery? Finally, you will be expected to make a referral based on your determination of Jay's current needs.

Refer to Dowieko and the chapters on treatment, focusing on what you know about Jay's current use and the treatment indications of his use. You are expected to incorporate all of the readings and videos into this assessment. Use the learning materials to support your assessment of Jay's current issues and referral suggestions. This assessment with strong literature support must be 6-8 pages. Strong literature support means using outside academic sources in addition to your text and videos for this course. The 6-8 pages are in addition to the title page and the reference page. Your paper must be written in current APA format (font, margins, citations, references, etc.) and have a title page and a reference page. You need to have a well-established argument for treatment. This is where you need to draw from sources to explain why you are making your recommendations.

Reference no: EM13570253


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