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"If it is pointless to consider tailoring instruction to each individual student, it is equally misguided to imagine that a single one-size fits-all approach to teaching can meet the needs of every student" .

Reflect on the required resources for Week 2 and your personal and professional experiences in relation to the points conveyed in the resources. Discuss how instructional design principles and theory influence the use of technology-enhanced instructional strategies to support the needs of all learners. Use additional resources in addition to those provided with Week 2 to support your evaluation. Providing specific examples to illustrate your understanding of the question and incorporating opposing views to demonstrate critical thought is encouraged.

Hint: You might consider including a concept map with a tool such as Bubble.US to visually convey your understanding.

Guided Response: Reply to two or more peers. Replies to peers ought to ask a question about their evaluation and may offer an additional resource for consideration that supports an alternative viewpoint. In this and every discussion, for optimal engagement with your learning peers, you are encouraged to reengage in the discussion by replying to posts made in response to you by the instructor and peers.

Reference no: EM13807213

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