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1. You are interested in being your own boss and have the chance to buy a franchise office supply store that is for sale in your city. You will need outside investors to help pay the franchise fees and other start up costs. How will you determine if this is a good entrepreneurial opportunity and make your decision about buying the store?

2 Over the past 20 years, entrepreneurnship has been the fastest-growing course of studying on campuses throughout the company. However, debate continues about whether you can teach someone to be an entrepreneur. Do you think entrepreneurship can be taught? Why or why not?

3. What strategic plans could the college or university at which you took a management course adopt to compete for students in the marketplace? Would this plan depend on the schools goals?

4. In 2008 Delta had more customer complaints, such as late flights and mishandeled baggage, than any other major carrier. If you were an operation manager at Delta, how might you use MBO to solve these problems? Could scenario planning be useful for airline managers who want planes to run on time? Discuss.

Reference no: EM1323841

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