Standard deck of 52 playing cards

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Write a program to implement a simple %u201CHi-Lo%u201D game using a standard deck of 52 playing cards.

Your game should ask the user to enter their bankroll.  

Your program must verify that the user enters a positive real number. 

If the user did not enter a positive real number, continue to prompt them to enter their bankroll until they do so.  

The program should continue to repeat until either the user indicates that they want to quit or until there is no money remaining in their bankroll.

When the game ends, display for the user the total number of games played, total number of wins, total number of losses, total number of ties and the ending amount in their bankroll.

For each play of the game, ask the user to enter their bet.

Verify that the user has sufficient funds remaining in their bankroll to cover the bet and that the bet is less than $100.00.  

Draw a card and display it for the user.  

Ask the user if they think the next card will be higher or lower than the card which was drawn.  

Draw a second card making sure that it is different in some way (either face, suit or both) from the first card drawn. 

If the card is the same, continue to draw the second card until a different card is drawn. 

If the user guessed correctly add the amount of the bet to their bankroll. 

If the user guessed incorrectly, subtract the amount of the bet from their bankroll. 

If the second card drawn is a card of the same face value but a different suit, the game is a tie and no change should be made to the user%u2019s bankroll. 

Display the amount in the user%u2019s bankroll after each play of the game before asking whether the user wants to play again.

Reference no: EM13272848


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