Short run and long run equilibrium in fishing rod market

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Continue with the fishing rod market. Assume that the minimum long-run average cost of making fishing rods (including an allowance for normal profit) is $20 at an output per firm of 5,000 fishing rods and that market demand for these fishing rods is P = 50 - Q/20,000.

a) How would you predict that the short-run equilibrium that you have identified in question 1 will change?  Illustrate your answer using appropriate diagrams. 

b) What will be the long-run equilibrium number of fishing rod manufacturers?

Reference no: EM1317210

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Short run and long run equilibrium in fishing rod market : How would you predict that the short-run equilibrium that you have identified in question 1 will change? Illustrate your answer using appropriate diagrams. What will be the long-run equilibrium number of fishing rod manufacturers?
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