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Utilize at least three reputable Web sites and/or scholarly journals from the GCU eLibrary, to answer the following questions in an essay of 500-750 words.

(1) How many children are educated each year in PK-12 Public Schools in the United States?

(2) What does the typical public school child look like from a demographic and socioeconomic standpoint?

(3) What is the total budget expended on PK-12 Public Schooling in the United States? Break this down by individual states.

(4) What role do colleges and universities play in preparing future educators to be successful in the classroom?

(5) What credential must you possess to obtain a teaching certificate in your state?ii) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines 

Reference no: EM13194258

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Scholarly journals from the gcu elibrary : Utilize at least three reputable Web sites and/or scholarly journals from the GCU eLibrary,
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