Respiratory issues complicated by economic disadvantage

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Topic: Respiratory Issues Complicated by Economic Disadvantage

A mother brings her 8-year-old child to the clinic, stating the child "just isn't breathing right, doesn't want to play, just lies on the couch - this happens all the time."

The appearance of both mother and child is disheveled. The child's wheezing can be heard across the room. When asked if the child is better at any certain time of the day, the mother responds, "It's like this all the time and has been for the past year - we saw a doctor last year who diagnosed asthma but we don't have any money for drugs or to come back to the clinic."


This Assignment may be submitted in a PowerPoint presentation with at least 10 slides or as an APA formatted paper of no more than five (5) pages excluding title page and references.

Identify the resources currently available in your state to support this family in the care of this child, including assistance programs for costs of health care follow-up and pharmaceutical treatment agents.

Create a communication plan for mother and child for both prescriptive and non-prescriptive drug therapies.

Reference no: EM131645428

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Respiratory issues complicated by economic disadvantage : A mother brings her 8-year-old child to the clinic, stating the child just isnt breathing right, doesnt want to play
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