Research Paper - Racism and the Culture of Denial

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Research Paper Assignment -

Select one of these topics below.

1. What is Philosophy: An examination of cultural and historical thinking?

2. Ethics, Morality and Religion: Are values, standards and principles relative to time and space; a comparative analysis?

3. God, Me and the State: Who sets the standards for what is right?

4. Freedom and Responsibility: An ethical analysis

5. Homosexuality: A Perspective on the nature/nurture dichotomy

6. The Internet, Pornography and Children: the limits of freedom

7. Is the fetus a person? A perspective for the exercise of freedom and conscience on the Question of Abortion

8. Abortion: Two sides of a Coin; An Analysis

9. Abortion: The Law of the Land and the Law of Religion; when laws conflict, what/who gives?

10. Abortion: Why the Issue will not go away

11. Euthanasia: The right to die and suffering as redemptive

12. The Right to Die and the Right to Life: an examination

13. Hate Speech and the First Amendment: A Perspective

14. Racism and the Culture of Denial

15. Sexism and the Mythology of the Weaker Sex

16. Affirmative Action: A Justification of Set asides for the Rich and Set asides for the Poor

17. Crime and Punishment: An examination of the Criminal Justice System in Light of the Dred Scott Decision

18. Cloning and Stem Cell Research: Balancing Values and Needs

19. Should the homeless receive the same protection as animals: a society in denial

20. Modern Society and Historical Wrongs: Who is responsible for reconciliation?

21. Pre-emptive Strike as a Doctrine as War: An Analysis

22. Same Sex Marriage and Equal Justice under the Law: What kind of society do we want?

23. The Benefits of War: An Examination of War, Justice and Greed

24. ENRON and Others: White Collar Crime and Punishment; An Analysis

25. Politics and the Truth: Is all fair in Politics?

26. Why Philosophy?

27. Does Justice Exist? An Examination of double standards for rich and poor

28. Wealth, Power and Privilege: An Analysis

29. Does Legality Equal Morality: A Case Analysis

30. Globalization and the Politics of Self Interest: An Examination

Suggested Format/Procedure for the research paper -

Research / Thesis Essay

Description: A Research/Thesis Essay is a writing assignment where you may either:

1. Research a specific topic to gain better insight and then express your interpretations and evaluations, or,

2. Make a persuasive argument or take a stand on an issue and then provide evidence to prove the validity of your points.

It is important to make references to the facts presented in the materials even when expressing opinions. You may use the course text in addition to other primary sources. (A primary source is a document or object that was created during the time under study. For example, a book about the Declaration of Independence is a secondary source, while the actual Declaration of Independence is a primary source.) The intent of the paper is for you to do research and then convey it in a clear and meaningful way with interpretations and insights.

Essay Format:

  • APA Style
  • Length: 2,000-2,500 words, 5-7 Pages
  • Typed using 1" Margins; Double-spaced; 12 point font.
  • Include: Your Name; Course Name; Instructor's Name; Title; and Date.
  • Footnotes: As necessary
  • Works Cited/References: Required
  • Use at least three (3) outside sources (books, articles, commentaries).

Introductory Paragraph: Introduce your topic and clearly make a strong thesis statement, which is what you plan to prove or explain in your essay.

Organizing Ideas:

  • Thesis statement forms the basis of the essay
  • Decide on a few key ideas that express your thesis statement
  • Each of these key ideas can become their own paragraphs
  • Develop your ideas in each paragraph by using examples, giving details, and using quotes
  • The use of the first person "I" is not appropriate for a research essay.

Body of the Essay:

  • Present your ideas in a logical way with references to texts.

Concluding Paragraph:

  • Reiteration of your thesis statement and summary of your arguments or points.

Reference no: EM132001502



5/30/2018 4:44:14 AM

Total Words: 2000-2500. Requirements: Cover and Bibliography pages. Length: Minimum 7 pages including Cover and Bibliography pages i.e. 1 cover page – Title of research, Your Name, Course name or number, Instructor Name, Date 1 Bibliography or Works Cited page. MUST HAVE MINIMUM 5 pages of actual research material. Typed and double spaced. Format: APA. References: Minimum 5 sources referenced with direct and short quotations within the text.


5/30/2018 4:44:06 AM

Essay Format: APA Style, Length: 2,000-2,500 words, 5-7 Pages, Typed using 1” Margins; Double-spaced; 12 point font. Include: Your Name; Course Name; Instructor’s Name; Title; and Date. Footnotes: As necessary. Works Cited/References: Required and Use at least three (3) outside sources (books, articles, commentaries). Introduction: An engaging introduction, states clearly the main topic and previews the structure of the essay.


5/30/2018 4:43:59 AM

Thesis Statement: Clearly and concisely states the essay’s purpose, which is engaging and thought-provoking. Main Point / Body of the Essay: Well developed main points/topic sentences that relate directly to the thesis. Each paragraph has thoughtful supporting detail sentences that develop the main idea. Organization: Logical and subtle sequencing of ideas through well-developed paragraphs. Transitions are effective and enhance the organization of the essay. Conclusion: The conclusion is engaging and restates the thesis. Style: Writing is smooth, skillful, and coherent. Sentences are strong and expressive with varied structure. Diction is consistent and words are well chosen.


5/30/2018 4:43:52 AM

Grammar & Mechanics: Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, paragraphing, spacing, indentation, and margining are proper. The ideas have been properly cited with a variety of citation techniques (quotation/ summary/ paraphrase). Citation: All cited works, both text and visual, are done in correct format with no errors. Bibliography: Done in the correct format with no errors. Includes more than 5 major references (e.g. journal articles, books, but no more than two internet sites).

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