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1) Identify and explain the main functions of theory in social research

2)  What is the relationship between theory and research? Explain your answer using one example from the readings

3)  Define causality and its applicability to social science research

4)  Discuss the criteria for nomothetic causality 

5)  Discuss the obstacles in the search for nomothetic causality. Illustrate your answer with examples

6)  Many people believe science to be an infallible enterprise. Discuss the merits and fallacy of this belie

Answer four of the following questions .

7) Identify and define the three elements of the traditional model of science.

8) Describe the difference between the idiographic and nomothetic models of explanation and the relevance of each  to social science research.

9) Distinguish anonymity from confidentiality and provide examples of how each can be protected during research.

10) List, explain, and provide examples of five common errors in human inquiry.

11) List, define and give examples of the four factors limiting a respondent's reliability and discuss how each of these factors may be controlled.

12) List and define the five ethical principles and describe their impact on the practice of social research.

Reference no: EM13193395

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