Question 1a identify an outdoor recreation site and discuss

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a) Identify an outdoor recreation site and discuss the benefits that you derived from participating in the activity

b) In your opinion, what are the improvements that could be made to the site to enhance customer satisfaction?


Outdoor recreation programmes provide youths and seniors with different opportunities and benefits. With the use of examples discuss this statement


Outdoor recreation preserves our natural and scenic areas, and benefits the local community and its economy. Discuss


Along with benefits, there are also costs associated with outdoor recreation. Natural resources may be negatively impacted from crowding and overuse in popular areas, conflicts may occur between visitors and locals, and even recreationists may not be compatible when participating in different outdoor activities. Discuss how the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum can be used as a planning tool in order to mitigate impacts and provide sustainable outdoor recreation experiences


Identify a local outdoor recreation activity and discuss the factors that may motivate individuals to participate in that activity

Reference no: EM13349986


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