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Need help with the following based on the questions asked by the class and project proposal.

1. A simple list of functional requirements

2. Table of contents

3. Index

The BEST, Inc is an industry leader in providing education, training and certification software. The BEST's customers include Fortunate 500 companies. The COMPANY has been developing software for corporate customers via simple to use user interfaces and applications. The BEST is now designing the next generation important documents storage on mobile devices for personal use. The application is called PVault.


This is an open and competitive process.

Question Period The PVault will accept and respond to specific written questions regarding this request for proposals.

To ensure a level playing field for all participants, answers to all questions submitted will be made available via Canvas and with sources of questions suitably screened.Q: What is customer base? Class? SJSU?
A: Goal is to make money , customer base is everyone.

Q: What is payment structure of contract? Basic flat fee? Royalties?

Q: Do we have to create a web interface?

Q: If data store is on a device it will not be able to work on the web

Q: Who pays for overages? Is this a hard (final) quote?

Q: What is the security requirement?

Q: How is "searchable" data input?

Q: Is the requirement inputting an image or pdf and associating it with a few tags? Tag value?

Q: Does the data need to be stored separately as text, or is an image sufficient?

Q: What is envisioned by administrative interface?

Q: Are multiple users a requirement?

Q: Is access by document or by user? (Ex. Admin access by document would allow access toa birth certificate, but not to a passport).

Q: Does the user need to be able to edit documents beyond add and delete?

Q: Isn't that unethical and also illegal?

Q: What formats of document?

Q: Should we be able to search by tag as well as by document name?

Q: For users who have access to multiple vaults, when they search for a document should it turn up all the documents for all the vaults they have access to?

Q: Is any additional security beyond a standard third-party cloud server needed?

Q: Should we display a gallery of documents?

Q: How much capacity do we need to allow for number of users? Do we need a plan to scale up?

Q: Should we link email addresses to allow password retrieval?

Q: Should both your documents and the documents you have admin access to show up in the same search?

Q: How should it look for a user who has access to multiple vaults?

Q: Should they be able to upload to someone else's vault?

Q: How often should we ask for a password? Every time they try to make a change?

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Reference no: EM13543043


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