Prostitution and drug charges

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Lila D. has just successfully completed her year in the drug court program. She is 28 years old and had been arrested for prostitution and drug charges. Since Lila was 15 years old, she has used drugs including heroin, ecstasy, and marijuana. She attended one year of college but dropped out due to her addiction issues. Her middle-class, suburban family members have declared that they are through with her and will not respond to her apologies or declarations that she has changed. She broke up with her boyfriend, who is a junkie, during her time with the program, and because most of her friends also used drugs, Lila has broken ties with most of her friends as well. Ms. Verde is worried about Lila because even though Lila has worked very hard at quitting her drug use, now that the program is over, Lila does not have family or social support and will probably have trouble finding employment. Ms. Verde asks you to draft a brief e-mail in which you discuss the risks Lila faces in returning to drug abuse and recommendations for a treatment plan and services for Lila that will help her stay off of drugs.

Reference no: EM1359450

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