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Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following is not a common promotion used in the lodging industry?

2. Which department offers the highest profit margins?

3. Critical to the successful executive chef's skill set is the ability to ______

4. The progress of the reservations received against the number blocked out is called the:

5. RevPAR is a product of

6. A daily analysis report generated by the reservations department includes the number of ______.

7. This person is normally in charge of carpet repairs, wall washers, window washers, drapery cleaners, and shampooers.

Short Answers

1. What are the mathematics of yield management, including ADR, occupancy percentage, and RevPAR? How are these calculated?

2. What are the key functional areas of the Rooms Department in a full-service lodging establishment? Briefly discuss what the role is of each functional area.

3. Explain and evaluate the organizational structure and functions of the Guest Services staff in a full-service hotel. Include the staff positions and what their roles are in the front office department.

4. Describe the process of a night audit and the activities of a night auditor.

5. Describe in detail the roles and responsibilities of an executive housekeeper. Whom does this person report to?

6. Examine the five elements that are involved in most accidents in a lodging operation. How do they relate to the housekeeping staff? Give examples.

Reference no: EM13801456


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