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1) Progressive Insurance inspected insurance from the customers' viewpoint and saw how difficult it was to get an auto claim processed and paid by insurance companies. Then the company made its service strategy around solving that problem. The company now has navies of claim adjustors on the road every day ready to rush to the scene of an accident in their territory and provide fast claims processing-sometimes on the spot. Progressive Insurance trusts on _____ service standards.

A) Company-defined

B) Competitor-focused

C) Customer-defined

D) Cost-focused

E) Service provider-defined

2) One of the Four Seasons Hotel's customer defined standards is staff will speak to guests in an attentive, natural and courteous manner. This is an instance of a(n) ________ customer defined standard.

A) Responsive

B) Intangible

C) Informal

D) Measurable

E) Soft

3) Which of the subsequent is an example of a specific behaviour or action that defines the performance expected by customers?

A) Cost estimate is price customer pays

B) Fixes the product right the first time

C) Delivers the product on the promised date

D) Greets customers within 5 minutes of entering the store

E) All of the above

Reference no: EM1372838


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