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Two years ago I worked for an after school program that was privately owned and operated. The owners were very smart caring people and were driven to standout and succeed. The only problem was it was always about money more than anything else. Even though I was their manager and supervisor and I loved working with children I had to leave because my ideas and concerns were never taken seriously and I never focused on bringing in more families which meant more money. So in my opinion tailoring a business is very important. You need to stop and design a plan that illustrates what your business is about and do what is necessary to prove that idea. In the case of the after school program, they promoted structure, but that is very hard when you keep adding more and more kids to each classroom. When the room sizes are smaller it is much easier to handle and control. So what became there strength ended up becoming a down fall for them. In the community they were know as providing good structure and home work help but the larger they got the less that remained true so now people associate the program with chaos and no homework help. Buisness's need to always remember what their model is and stick to it, even through changes. They can evolve it but must always keep the core beliefs because without it they run the risk of loosing the main idea od what they were doing and then the risk of failure.

Reference no: EM131805262


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