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Probability of Winning the Lottery: Because the California Fantasy 5 lottery is won by selecting the correct five numbers (in any order) between 1 and 39, there are 575,757 different 5-number combinations that could be played, and the probability of winning this lottery is 1/575,757. In this exercise, find the probability of winning the indicated lottery.

1. New York Lotto: Select the six winning numbers from 1, 2, ........ , 59.

2.Gender Selection In a test of a gender-selection method, 14 babies are born and 10 of them are girls.

a. Find the number of different possible sequences of genders that are possible when 14 babies are born.

b. How many ways can 10 girls and 4 boys are arranged in a sequence?

c. If 14 babies are randomly selected, what is the probability that they consist of 10 girls and 4 boys?

d. Does the gender-selection method appear to yield a result that is significantly different from a result that might be expected by random chance?

Reference no: EM13102477


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