Preservation of cultural and heritage sites

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(a) Critically appraise the concept Alternative Tourism, and discuss the importance of such a concept to the tourism industry

(b) Discuss the possible benefits or limitations that such a concept may carry when being implemented in Mauritius


(a) Define Community Based Tourism- CBT - and identify the characteristics of CBT while highlighting its importance towards Sustainable Development

(b) Discuss the potential of the implementation of CBT in Mauritius and clearly justify your answers together with relevant examples


Provide a critical brief on the concept of "Responsible Tourism" and describe who are the stakeholders who need to come together for such a concept to be adopted and help in the promotion of a more sustainable Mauritian Tourism industry. Also discuss the possible responsible tourism guidelines that can be adopted. Relevant examples required for justifications


In order to achieve sustainability on a destination level, it has been shown that it is necessary to integrate a range of sustainability concepts such as cleaner production, environmental management and tourism eco-labelling amongst others

It however remains of paramount importance to remember that concepts can only be implemented efficiently if there are appropriate tools available to support these concepts

In line to the above, critically describe which tools/indicators can be or are being considered by hotel operators and promoters in order to ensure a more sustainable Mauritian tourism sector


Explore the relevance of the principles of sustainable development to the visions of the Mauritian government of making Mauritius a sustainable island through the Maurice Ile Durable concept

Support your answer with reference to the philosophies which are being adopted under the MID project and how they are in line with the concept or sustainable development


(a) The success behind heritage tourism fundamentally lies in local people knowing and learning about their history. Comment upon this statement

(b) Explain how tour operators can be provide a positive hand in the promotion and preservation of cultural and heritage sites

Reference no: EM133863


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