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(Pension Worksheet with reconciliation Schedule)

Buhl Corp. sponsors a defined benefit plan for its employees. On January 1, 2008, the following balances relate to his plan:

Plan assets $480,000

Project benefit obligation 625

Prepaid/accrued pension cost(credit) 45,000

Unrecognized prior service cost 100,000

As a result of the operation of the plan during 2008, the following additional data are provided by the actuary.

1) Service cost $90,000

2) Settlement rate 9%

3) Actual return on plan assets in 2008 57,000

4) Amortization of prior service cost 19,000

5) Expected return on plan asset 52,000

6) Unexpected loss from change in projected benefit 76,000 obligation, due to change in actual predictions

7) Contributions in 2005 99,000

8) Benefits paid retirees in 2008 85,000


a) Using the data above, compute pension expense for Buhl Corp. for the year 2008 by preparing a pension workheet that shows the journal entry for pension expense and the year-end balances related pension account.

b) At December 31, 2008, prepare a schedule reconciling the funded status of the plan with pension amount reported on the balance sheet.

Reference no: EM1356011

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