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Prepare journal entries in all Funds journals and/or Activity journal for the related transactions provided.

The following transactions occurred for the City of Fontaine’s General Fund.

1. The budget prepared for the fiscal year included Total estimated revenues of $2,774,000 and appropriations of $2,693,000.

2. Encumbrances issued against the appropriations during the year were $931,000.

3. The current year’s tax levy of $2,005,000 was recorded; uncollectibles were estimated as $65,000.

4. Collections of delinquent taxes from prior years’ levies totaled $132,000; collections of the current year’s levy totaled $1,459,000.

5. Invoices were received and approved for payment for items ordered in documents recorded as encumbrances in Transaction (2) of this problem. The estimated liability was $851,200. Actual costs were $850,500.

6. Revenue other than taxes collected during the year consisted of licenses and permits, $373,000; intergovernmental revenue, $400,000; and $66,000 of miscellaneous revenues.

7. Payments on Vouchers Payable totaled $1,505,000.

Reference no: EM13862488


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